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There are many problems businesses face today. Reaching your audience should not be one of them. In today’s digital age, you need to communicate your message simply. So, whether you need a website design, a display ad campaign or social media ads, digital design is the visual communication tool to help you reach your target audience.

Digital design is a visual form of communication that displays content on digital devices. For instance, digital billboards, cell phones, computers and tablets are a few examples that come to mind. Digital design can help you reach more people and provide metrics to measure its performance. Traditional graphic design cannot offer these features. With more than 46 billion connected devices in the world, there is an audience just waiting for your business.

Display Ads

Display ads

Display ads allow you to advertise apps, brand awareness, content, products, sales and services. Users can see these ads while browsing apps, social media platforms and websites. Moreover, display ads have a lower cost compared to pay-per-click (PPC) ads. As a result, they give the best creative control, but they do not offer responsive elements. These ads are on display networks such as Google Display Network (GDN), Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), Facebook and Instagram to name a few.

Social Media Ads
Web Design

Web design

Web design is the process of creating visual designs of a website, landing page or microsite. Website designs are made from a responsive design approach. This allows web pages to render correctly on digital devices. The design process includes vital elements such as web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG), user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Equally essential to the design process is content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). These elements are industry standard and best practice. As a result, following these best practices benefits not only SEO, but also helps your business reach a wider audience.

Digital design process

A step-by-step process of digital design.

The discovery phase is certainly the most critical phase of the design process. Together, we will define the problems and goals for your project. In addition, I will assess the data and metrics. I will look at the competitive landscape, audience and user research, technical specifications, features and other details. After that, I will write a creative brief for your digital design project. This document will serve as a guide and reference for all decisions made during the project.

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Above all, this step of the process is what most people recognize because it is where the visual part begins. I will use the creative brief as a guide in creating your digital design. However, the scope of work depends on which medium is chosen for the project. For example, digital billboards, display ads, social media ads and website designs have different design requirements. After concept approval, I can create a more detailed layout that will serve as the final design. Once the design is complete, the next phase of the process begins.

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Launching the design and measuring how well it performs is important. Moreover, your business goals and key performance indicators tell which actions are to be taken based on the metrics. It is not possible to guarantee if a design will be an instant success. However, I can use metrics to watch for any potential problems. We are all eager to see the results, but it takes patience and time to see success.

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In conclusion, no design is prefect and sometimes things change. The digital design process is not linear. It is a cycle. Sometimes, you may repeat the whole process or jump in between steps. However, there are times when a design does not give the desired results. Making a small change like using A/B testing for a display ad or split testing a landing page can yield better results. In short, the key to a successful digital design is to measure and refine the results.

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