Ballad Health


In 2018 Ballad Health was organized by merging two regional health systems in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Since then, Ballad Health has become one of the nation’s largest health systems. Their primary focus has been leading in value-based payment model adoption, health-related social needs, funding research and investing in children’s health care. With its dedicated team of physicians, nurses and healthcare specialists, they strive to become a national model for rural healthcare.

The nursing labor shortage has had a detrimental effect on the healthcare workforce nationwide, and Ballad Health is no different. Ballad needed help connecting with nursing candidates to fill the gaps in their workforce. Display and social media ads were identified as channels to utilize in a multi-phase ad campaign that targeted nurse candidates.

Ballad Health Display Ad


In the second phase of the ad campaign, experienced nurses living in the Boston and Long Island areas of New England, who are looking for career opportunities in a different climate and landscape, are targeted with display ads. The headlines and photos used each represents a great reason to move to Northeast Tennessee and continue your nursing career with Ballad Health.

Ballad Health Display Ads
Ballad Health Northeast Tennessee
Ballad Health Leaderboard Ads
Ballad Health Skyscraper Ad
Ballad Health Skyscraper Ads

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