Slidecage is a dedicated fan site for the classic sci-fi TV show Sliders, created by Tracy Tormé and Robert K. Weiss. Since its launch in 2007, the website has grown from humble beginnings to become a comprehensive resource for “one of the greatest science fiction series of all time.” It features episode reviews, DVD reviews, cast interviews, and a wealth of media and information about the Sliders TV series.

To drive growth and increase traffic, Slidecage aimed to capture more attention online. However, the website’s outdated navigation and site architecture were not mobile-friendly, contributing to a steady decline in average monthly traffic. Despite having over 200 pages of content, the site had never utilized search engine optimization to attract users. The challenge was to redesign the site architecture and navigation to be accessible across all devices and to implement effective SEO strategies to attract new users.

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After conducting a thorough SEO audit of the website, I implemented keyword strategies and SEO best practices to optimize on-page elements, including titles, H1 tags, meta descriptions, URLs and alt image text. Additionally, I restructured the site architecture to improve navigation and accessibility across all devices. I integrated Google Analytics (GA4) and Google Search Console (GSC) for precise data measurement and analysis. Based on the data results, these optimizations made Slidecage more discoverable in the search engine results pages.

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